• U.S. 1 over SR 0132
  • U.S. 1 over I-276
  • U.S. 1 over I-276 Ramps
  • SR 2015 (Bristol Road) over U.S. 1


  • U.S. 1 over Private Road

SR 2025 (Bristol Road)

  • Profile raised to improve vertical clearance over U.S. 1
  • Horizontal clearance beneath the bridge increased to provide for future additional lanes on U.S. 1

U.S. 1 (Lincoln Highway)

  • From the SR 2037 (Old Lincoln Highway) intersection to the Street Road interchange
    • Addition of a northbound right-turn lane along U.S. 1
  • From Old Trevose Road to the Street Road Interchange
    • Replacement of raised concrete median and guide rail with concrete glare screen and a five-foot effective shoulder area in each direction
  • From the Street Road interchange to north of the Turnpike interchange:
    • Addition of a third travel lane in each direction and auxiliary lanes between interchanges
    • Increased median width to provide minimum 12’-wide inside shoulders
    • Relocation of driveway accesses from U.S. 1 to Street Road
  • From just south of the Street Road interchange to north of the Turnpike interchange
    • Profile raised to improve vertical clearances over SR 132 (Street Road), I-276 (PA Turnpike) and the PA Turnpike Ramps (Ramps I and J)

SR 0132 (Street Road)

  • Addition of two signalized intersections at the interchange ramps
    • New signals to be incorporated into existing interconnected adaptive signal system along Street Road
  • Relocation of driveway from the Red Roof Inn at the west signalized intersection
  • Relocation of Township Road (T-329) at the east signalized intersection to provide access to businesses that previously had access to U.S. 1
  • Addition of left turn lanes in both directions at the signalized I-276 Slip Ramp intersection